The construction of ambiguous form

The theme of my work is the representation through plastic language of the ambiguity and the incompleteness of being, transferring the mind in organic forms used in a metamorphic mode.
This mode is associated with personal emotional circumstances and psychological outlooks, but will eventually be able to generalize and express the awareness of ambiguity.
The formal way of deducting forms in metamorphosis has been applied in ways of simplifications, exaggerations, deformations and formation.
By using metamorphosis in forms I intend to reveal various significant concepts by means of a singular mass of work.
Eventually this attempt comes together in an abstract, organic form as a result of the ambiguous expression.
Usually the capacity of recognizing the material is the fruit of an interpretation of the actual knowing, creating an immediate relationship with the whole or part of the figure. When the inert material emerges one reads it as an abstract symbol, free of its concrete objectivity.
My works are the expression of my own being which provoke interest in and attention for the ontological conditions of being human.
The essence of this interest commences from spontaneity (or the essence of nature), and moves on to the essential human condition, then moves again towards the unconscious. Because of this, the depth of the awareness of ambiguous forms is ever increasing.
At the same time I intend to express many layers in the two- and the three-dimensional space of the mixed images of the mind and the various forms that exist in human life.
I collect these various parts of life and with a rudiment of intuitive combination I construct another – ambiguous – form instead of following the course of nature.
By means of a synthesis which is operated through thought. I proceed to withdraw and distill fragments of organic reality, ultimately recomposing them to an original unity in the assembly-phase. Then these elements are molded once more, giving an origin to the “bodies” whose nature results as being ambiguous and no longer univocal.
When we look at the works’ shapes as those seen in fragmented animals or human organs, they change, transforming themselves into images lacking any connection.
In short I do not intend to represent the forms of nature, describing the parts of live. I try to comprehend the most profound principle of being which consists of a certain number of particles, and then through this organic form I attempt to visualize a different image. With this process the results will not provoke a familiarity with all the images, but will only have an ambiguous efficiency.
This visible physical properties of my work construct a complex picture, seeking to carry out an unforeseen different form and meaning through a process of disassembly and analytical combination.
In addition, by means of creative activity I preoccupy myself with the question of how one can express the metaphysical world through artistic language.
After all, the philosophical message in my works of art is that of revealing unusual aspects, instigating a taste of seeing things differently, observing them with the heart.
When one observes the whole of the material with a new view, or rather with the gaze of sentiment, it will result in the discovery of new hidden meanings, revealing a world of monstrous metaphor which the material possesses.
My work in not much different form this world of gigantic metaphor. It is in this world of metaphors where the objects change their shared and different material.
I do not intend to express highly abstract concepts thorough materiality; I try to resolve personal creative issues through ambiguous forms, stimulating the minds of the spectators.